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macquarie matrix


First of all, we would like to thank the Office of the Provost and the Office of the DVC Research, without whose generous funding of the project, this journal could not have been published. We would also like to thank the more than 80 higher degree research students and early career researchers who have volunteered their services as reviewers. Of these, particular thanks for their work on the two 2013 editions goes to: Samantha Adams, Michaela Baker, Arne Bolling, Tui Britton, Alison Cameron, Ming Ming Diao, Francesca Dominello, Korshi Dosoo, Jenny Eagleton, Greg Flannery, Corrinne Franklin, Charlotte Frew, Karina Guthrie, Katrina Guterriez, Catherine Hoad, Beppie Keane, Ashleigh Knight, Roberta Kwan, Irais Ramirez, Katelin Sutton, Andrea Zarate