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macquarie matrix

Volume 4.1, April 2014

Special issue from the Second Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR)



Bold as brass: ‘brass instruments’ in the Roman army
R Cross, Macquarie University

Fair go with web 2.0: effective strategies for the democratisation of learning and teaching processes using web 2.0 technologies
D Croxon, Macquarie University

Roman mentoring and modern universities: mentoring in the Roman Republic
J Evans, Macquarie University

Amazons: Comparative study of Amazon mythology in ancient literature and art
AE Lego, Macquarie University

Climate change and the increased risk in the insurance industry
Dac Khoa Nguyen, Macquarie University

Assisting international students at university: teachers’ perspectives
E Patel, University of Western Australia

Interpreting strategic litigation: human rights entrepreneurship in the European Union
GA Perrone, University of Western Australia       
The correction of public opinion: the account of Kleomenes I by Herodotus
J Ruchpaul, Macquarie University
Flouting the law. Underbelly: Razor's (de)construction of normative femininity
S Tack, Macquarie University


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Volume 4.1 (Special issue from the Second Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research)

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