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macquarie matrix


The papers in this volume display the range and quality of our undergraduates’ research work at Macquarie University. Although most contributions in this edition are from the Faculty of Arts, with one from the Faculty of Human Sciences, we encourage contributions from all faculties. The multidisciplinary nature of Matrix allows readers and contributors alike to acquaint themselves with unfamiliar concepts and approaches that may prove useful in their own field, and opens up possibilities for the cross-fertilisation of ideas.

Each author has gone through the standard process for academic publishing of submitting a paper for blind peer review, responding to reviewers' comments/criticisms, and editing their paper according to a style guide. We feel that this has been a valuable exercise both for them and the reviewers in honing their critical skills. We hope that you enjoy the product of their work, and that you may be able to participate in future editions either as an author or a reviewer.

The next edition will a special edition dedicated to refereed papers by Macquarie University students from the First Australasian Conference of Undergraduate Research (ACUR) being held at Macquarie University on 20th September 2012. This one-day conference will include poster presentations and spoken papers by undergraduate students from all disciplines and from across Australasia.

New members to the Matrix Editorial Board are A/Prof. Judi Homewood (Psychology) and Dr Tania Prvan (Statistics) as Executive Editors, replacing Dr Jan Tent (Linguistics).

Dr Tania Prvan, Executive Editor.